Menu Maker transforms your menu from dull text and numbers into gorgeous displays that beautifully showcase your dishes, whet your guests’ appetites, and remain in their memories.


Puts You in Control


Your dishes look beautiful on your guests’ plates; so why not show them off to the world? TapTab’s Visual Menus let you present gorgeous images of your dishes to guests, their friends and everyone else.


Your menu isn’t just a list; it’s an expression of your restaurant’s identity. TapTab’s customizable backgrounds allow you to create a menu that reinforces your restaurant’s brand in the minds of your guests.


Consumers expect more these days. Their phones, homes and cars are smart. Why not their menus?  TapTab lets your guests’ see what dishes meet their preferences and violate their dietary restrictions, helping them order more wisely.

Express Your Restaurant’s
Identity in Your Menu

MenuManager lets you create a menu that reflects your brand.

  • Choose a menu style that fits your restaurant’s identity
  • Match food photography with  your brand’s identity
  • Offer rich descriptions of chef favorites or specials

Food Photography,

Meet Menus

TapTab photography helps you create a menu that makes your dishes look as good as they taste.

    • Present your dishes in all their glory with stunning photos
    • Leave your guests with dish images to save and share to generate repeat and referral business
    • Have TapTab photographers shoot your menu

Change Menus with
the Tap of a Finger

MenuManager makes updating your menus as easy as possible. Rather than reprint your menus every few months and keep your specials off-menu, change your menu in minutes.

  • Intuitive interface makes menu management simple
  • Pre-set dish options let you easily add popular menu items
  • Have TapTab update your menu with a MenuManager subscription

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