TapTab allows you to offer your guests a safer, better, more personalized dining experience, ups your upsell opportunities, and increases referral and repeat business.

TapTab Creates Value for Restaurants & Diners Alike

A Safer, Better Experience

Covid makes contactless menus important to your guests. TapTab makes contactless menus real, beautiful, functional and personal by placing your menus on their phones.

Upsell Opportunities

Static menus equal static revenues. TapTab turns your mobile menu into a sales tool by recommending to your guests sides and wines to go with your dishes.

Repeat & Referred Guests

With DishShare & DishLists, TapTab users can easily share your dishes with others or save them for later, increasing your referral and repeat business.

Leverage TapTab Technology

TapTab technology provides you with the tools to control your brand, make your dishes look like works of art, and sell more food per diner. And by giving your guests a better idea of what they’re ordering, it reduces food returns and server hassle, creating a better experience for everyone.

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